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Founded by : Ethyl Corporation , 01 Feb 1994

Mecklenburg County, United States
More than 5000

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About the Company

Albemarle Corporation is a global specialty chemicals company that produces a wide range of products including lithium, bromine, and catalysts. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company has operations in over 100 countries and employs approximately 6,900 people. Albemarle is the world's largest producer of lithium, a key component in the production of batteries for electric vehicles and other applications. In addition, the company is a major producer of bromine and derivatives used in flame retardants, agriculture, and oil and gas drilling. Albemarle has a strong commitment to sustainability and has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and improve the communities in which it operates.

Industry Type

According to the GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) version of March 2023, Albemarle’s industry classification falls within the following categories:
  • Sector: Materials
  • Industry group: Materials
  • Industry: Chemicals
  • Sub-Industry: Commodity Chemicals

Company Address

4250 Congress St Ste 900, Charlotte, NC 28209

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